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International has been officially launched in January 2018, but most localized versions are still BETA and many content elements are currently only available in english and german language. Please be patient, we're working on the translation of all elements!

The following languages shall be supported:

English, español, dansk, chinese, deutsch, italiano, suomi, japanese, français, português, norsk, russian, nederlands, svenska & lëtzebuergesch.

We're still looking for people willing to help with the translations.

If you'd like to help us then please write to


Our main site domain is as follows:

International versions are available by using a language code as subdomain (replace the 'xx' in '' by your language): fr, nl, dk, no, se, fi, pt, es, it.

We have local domains for several countries:

Morzino is also available in luxembourgish language with some special features for the luxembourgish education market:

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