Need Help?

When designing this website we followed two major principles:
  • A website should be so easy to use that no help or support is needed
  • A strong community offers better help than any commercial support service
This is why we don't have to offer any "traditional" support, as we think Morzino is really easy to use and most minor problems can easily be solved within the community.

Check out the Help Pages, the Tutorials and the FAQ

The Tutorials page is a great place to see how things work, or to find some additional tips & tricks.

The FAQ page offers some answers to the most often asked questions and common problems.

Ask your friends or other members

The first thing you can do if you encounter a problem is to ask your friends on Morzino. Morzino is a Social Network, which means that you can easily connect to other people after creating an account.

There will certainly be people among your friends who have been longer on this site than you do, or who have already worked with an app or feature you're now experiencing problems with.

Don't hesitate to ask your friends for help, as this is what Social Networks are all about.

Check out the forums

If your friends can't help than it's time to check out the discussion forums. See if there's already an answer to your question, if not then post a message and try to describe your problem as clearly as possible.

All Morzino members have access to the forums, so chances are really good that you'll get help there. The developers of Morzino and of it's eLearning apps probably also visit the forums on a regular basis, and they may also help.

Contact us

If you still can't get any solution for your problem then you may also contact us directly.

Please use the "contact" feature after logging in for all kinds of questions!

Only contact us via e-mail if you have problems to sign up, to login to your account or if you have trouble with your account page.

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